Step by Step Instructions IDMSS/GDMSS version 4.20.000

1. Select the Menu Icon

GDMSS PLUS 4.20-1.jpg

2. Select "Device Manager"

GDMSS PLUS 4.20-2.jpg

3. Select the Add Icon

GDMSS PLUS 4.20-3.jpg

4. Select "Camera"

GDMSS PLUS 4.20-4.jpg

5. Select "Wired Device"

GDMSS PLUS 4.20-5.jpg

6. Select "P2P"

GDMSS PLUS 4.20-6.jpg

7. Input Info and select "Start Live Preview"

GDMSS PLUS 4.20-7.jpg

  • Name: (nickname)
  • SN (serial number, you can either scan the QRcode or type the SN manually)
  • Port (will auto populate after entering the SN)
  • Username (Username of the recorder's account)
  • Password (Password for that Username)
  • Live Preview (Extra=Substream, MAIN= Mainstream)
  • Playback (Extra=Substream, MAIN= Mainstream)