3.1 I forgot the Device IP.

Solution 1: Find the device IP by quick configuration tool.

Solution 2: If you know the device MAC address, you can set device IP address by modifying ARP/Ping command. Please refer to <WEB Operation Manual> for more details.

Solution 3: If you are Apple user, you can search the Bonjour server name of IPC and log in IPC by the browser with Bonjour service.

3.2 I failed to log in WEB.

Possible reason: User name and password are not correct, network and power adapter problems.

Solution 1: Please enter correct user name and password.

Solution 2: Check if the network cable is normal and useable, and check if the network configuration is correct or pull out the network cable plug in again.

Solution 3: Please connect default power adapter.

3.3 I failed to play the downloaded audio and video files.

Possible reason: Player problem.

Solution 1: Please download the company default player from the disc.

Solution 2: Install graphics acceleration software whose version is higher than DX8.1

Solution 3: Use MEDIA PLAYER to play the file which is converted to AVI format, install Div X503Bundle.exe plug-in.

Solution 4: Winxp operating system needs to install plug-in DivX503Bundle.exe and ffdsho-2004 1012.exe.

3.4 Day/night config switch is invalid.

Possible reason: device system time is not corresponding to computer time.

Solution 1: Single click “Camera setting > Camera property > Configuration file management > Switch according to time” in the WEB interface, set time period according to the computer time. Solution 2: Synchronize the device time and current PC time.  

3.5 Device is leaking water.
Solution 1: Users dismantled the front cover and rear cover by themselves, which were not installed properly.
Solution 2: The front cover glass is strongly pressed or crashed.
Solution 3: The waterproof plug of rear cover is loose.

3.6 IPC failed to recognize SD card.
Solution 1: Check if the card slot is loose.
Solution 2: Check if the SD card in the computer is recognizable and there is no abnormality.   

3.7 Config info is mismatched with real situation after IPC working for a while.
Solution 1: refresh the interface.
Solution 2: It is caused due to the modification of IPC config; it doesn’t belong to the IPC problem. Users can check what platform manages IPC or which device that the rear end is connected to. They can use check the exact reason by adopting separated checking method. Currently the PSS client and soft decoder can modify the Baud rate of some IPC, which leads to a situation where the IPC is out of control. 

3.8 Power adapter is unsteady.
Solution: The high and low temperature environment is from 0℃ to 40℃ for general power adapters, the power supply will become unsteady if the adapter is beyond this range. Therefore, it is necessary to change to industrial power adapter.

3.9 SD card failed to store video.
Solution 1: Check if the SD card status is set as read only status, if so; you need to change it to read/write status.
Solution 2: Check if the SD card can be detected.  
Solution 3: Check if the SD card has been damaged.

Solution 4: Check if the SD card is full, if it shows that the residual space is 0, you can format the SD card by WEB interface or check “Cover” in the “Storage management > Video control > hard disk full”  of the WEB interface.

3.10  I failed to save configuration.

Solution: First restore default device, then reconfigure.