2.1 IR effect is bad.

Possible reason 1:

Users didn’t use specified power supply, and failed to enable all the IR lights.

Possible reason 2:

The object is so far that it is out of the range of IR light.

Possible reason 3:

IR-CUT is set as color mode, which caused the front-end sensor to fail to sense IR light.  

Possible reason 4:

When you use the device on the table (especially rough surface), the IR light will shoot back to the lens, which will cause bad IR effect and white picture. At this moment, you should adjust the elevation angle of the lens or place the device on the edge.

2.2 The device failed to record or snapshot.
Possible reason: “Snapshot Schedule” is set wrongly; storage path is not correct; “Record Mode” is set as off.
Solution 1: Set “Record Schedule”, “Snapshot Schedule” in the WEB interface; please refer to the <IPC WEB Operation Manual> for more details.  
Solution 2: Check if the “Destination” enable in the WEB interface is checked.
Solution 3: Check if the connection of SD and FTP of video and snapshot storage is normal, try to connect FTP to the computer.  
Solution 4: Set “Record Mode” as manual or auto in the WEB interface.

2.3 Black edge appears in the image after upgrade.
Solution 1: Eliminate IPC configuration or restore factory default after upgrading program.
Solution 2: Upgraded program is not corresponding to the IPC model, re-upgrade correct program.  

2.4 Cross stripe or diagonal stripe appears in the image of IPC.
Possible reason 1: Bad connection for the video cable.
Possible reason 2: Strong current interference.

2.5 The IPC image is unsteady.
Possible reason: Bad connection for the video cable

2.6 Gray screen appears in the IPC.
Phenomenon: gray screen appears in the IPC, it can recover after restart under the state of power off, gray screen appears repeatedly.  
Possible reason: Caused by insufficient power supply.
Solution: Check if the IPC power supply mode and power adapter are too far away from the IPC.

2.7 When IR light is on for the HD or SD IR dome, the image is abnormal, 
such as reflective image or white and unclear image.
Solution: Use the IR-blocking ring of the lens, or reinstall the light-blocking ring to a proper position.