1.1 My IPC is off line from time to time.
Solution 1: Check if the network environment is good and the network cable hole plug of IPC end is loose.
Solution 2: Check if there is IP conflict.  
Solution 3: Check if the device is under normal power supply.
Solution 4: Check if the device upgraded to a wrong program.  

1.2 What if network upgrade failed?  
Solution 1: Log in again to check if upgrade is successful, because sometimes the progress bar doesn’t show feedback in time due to the network environment.  
Solution 2: Check if the network environment is normal, and there is disconnection or power failure during upgrade.  
Solution 3: Check if the program and the device are matched.

1.3 I can use “Ping” to test that the IPC is on line after upgrade, but fail to log in.
Possible reason: Check if the WEB port was modified.
Solution : Reset the device and log in again.

1.4 There is no code stream when I log in and the network program restarts constantly after upgrade.
Solution 1: Check if there is IP conflict or network disconnection.
Solution 2: Check if the device is under normal power supply.
Solution 3: Check if each connection line is loose inside the device after disassembling the camera.
Solution 4: Check if the application program of IPC is corresponding to the model, and check if N/P format program is correct.  
Solution 5: Check if the control and WEB are correct, there is control running permission under WIN7, you can delete the control under C:\Program Files\webrec and eliminate IE buffer memory to reload control and WEB. Please run IE as administrator for WIN 7, you need to install QuickTime plug-in if it is non-IE browser.  

1.5 It displays “Resources are limited, failed to open video” after I log in the IPC.
Solution 1: Network bandwidth is not enough; change a switcher with bigger bandwidth.
Solution 2: Too many users logging in, and it is beyond the device code stream output capacity.
Solution 3: Disconnect the network or restart the device repeatedly, see 1.1 for more details.

1.6 The video window of control installation displays “Red Cross” when I log in the IPC.

Red Cross:

Solution 1: IE permission setting is not correct, add IPC IP as trusted sites.
Solution 2: Set IE “Internet Option > Security > Custom Level > Active X control and plug-in” all enabled.
Solution 3: You need to log in IPC as an administrator in WIN 7 system for the first time.